1. Terms and definitions used in this Policy
  2. Tournament goals
  3. Tournament venue and timeframes
  4. Tournament management
  5. Tournament participants
  6. Admission of tournament participants
  7. Framework and conditions of tournament
  8. Tournament fixtures
  9. Financial conditions for participation in the tournament
  10. Refereeing and inspection of the tournament matches
  11. Award ceremony for the tournament participants
  12. Tournament safety and security arrangements
  13. Disciplinary sanctions
  14. Insurance coverage for the tournament participants
  15. Emergencies
  16. Contact details of the tournament facilitators
  17. Annex No.1 Application list 3






Tournament International Youth Football Tournament “KALUGA JUNIOR CUP
FIFA Federation Internationale de Football Association (International Federation of Association Football)
KRFF Kaluga Regional Football Federation
RIC KRFF Refereeing and Inspection Committee of the Kaluga Regional Football Federation
ANO FC Kaluga Autonomous Non-profit Organisation “Football Club Kaluga”
Minsport of Kaluga region Ministry of Sport of Kaluga region
Annenki Arena Annenki Stadium
Laws of the Game The currently applicable laws of football as set forth by the International Football Association Board (IFAB)
CPR Chief Panel of Tournament Referees
Referees Match Referee, Assistant Referees and Fourth Official appointed by CPR
Inspector Match official authorised by the Refereeing and Inspection Committee of the Russian Football Union, appraising actions of match referees within stipulated procedure
Tournament participants Selected youth teams of national associations – members of FIFA, comprising of participants born not earlier than in 2002
Match participants Footballers, official representatives of selected teams – tournament participants (entered into the match report), referee, assistant referees, fourth official, inspector as well as representatives of the tournament facilitators
Mandate Commission Commission responsible for review of ID documents submitted by the tournament participants, their conformity to the application list of a team. The Mandate Commission shall be formed by the Russian Football Union (RFU).
Application Application list of a selected team for participation in the tournament completed in accordance with the form shown in Annex 1 of this Policy



  • identifying the Tournament winners and best footballers;
  • strengthening of international sports links;
  • promotion and popularisation of football in Russia.




The Tournament will be held in the city of Kaluga during the period from 31th May until 7th June, 2016, where 31th May is the arrival date and 7th June is the departure date.

Matches and training sessions of the Tournament shall take place in the outdoor sports facility Annenki Arena. The Tournament matches will be played on a field with modern artificial turf.



The Tournament is the official competition of KRFF. The Tournament is included in the Uniform Calendar Plan of Regional Sports Events for 2016 of the Ministry of Sport of Kaluga region. ANO FC KALUGA shall be governed by the FIFA Policy for hosting international matches as well as this Policy during the Tournament.

The general governance over the organisation and arrangements of the Tournament is carried out by the Organising Committee from ANO FC Kaluga and CPR. The powers of ANO FC Kaluga in their capacity of facilitator of international competition shall be exercised by the State Autonomous Institution Directorate for Organisation and Conduct of Sports Events.

The actual Tournament activities are to be carried out by KRFF and CPR, the latter’s members to be approved by KRFF.




The Tournament shall be carried out in compliance with this Policy, approved by KRFF and the Laws of the Game. 8 teams will participate in the Tournament: (Selected team of Kaluga region etc.)

The national teams shall be completed with sportsmen who were born not earlier than in 2002.

Team line-up – 20 people, including 18 footballers and 2 coaches.



The admission of the Tournament participants (footballers and team officials) shall be effected on the basis of an application and Mandate Commission decision. The Mandate Commission meeting shall take place on the day of the teams’ arrival.

National associations (football federations) shall compose applications on behalf of their teams participating in the Tournament. The application shall be signed by head coach and team physician. The teams’ applications shall be prepared in compliance with the form shown below in Annex no.1 to this Policy.

The Tournament participants shall within the period prior to 10th May, 2016 forward their applications to the Organising Committee of ANO FC Kaluga. Amendments to the application to be forwarded may be entered prior to 27th May, 2016. The applications shall be forwarded to the addresses indicated in Article 16 of this Policy.

Within the period prior to 28th April, 2016 national associations (football federations) shall present in electronic form to the addresses indicated in Article 16 of this Policy the following official information about their team:

  • group team photo;
  • photo of the team head coach;
  • information about the head coach: career in the capacity of a player, career in the capacity of a coach, achievements in the capacity of a coach.


Each Participant of the Tournament shall submit the following documents to the Mandate Commission:

  • application list of the team in Russian and English languages, drawn in strict compliance with this Policy (the application list shall contain players’ surnames and names, where spelling and stress are verified);
  • original passport of a citizen of the country – participant of the Tournament;
  • documents confirming insurance coverage for all team members within the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • samples of team kit (2 sets of field players’ outfit: stockings, underwear, T-shirt, and two goalkeeper’s kits). During the Tournament each player shall be allocated with permanent playing number specified in the application. While undergoing the mandate commission inspection, the team official will have to check with a mandate commission’s representative flag, anthem and logo of national football federation of their country.



The Tournament matches shall be conducted in accordance with the Laws of the Game and in compliance with the requirements set out in this Policy.

The Tournament matches shall be held in consistence with “Fair Play” principals defined by FIFA. Draw procedure for the teams – Tournament participants shall be carried out by CPR not later than on 14th May, 2016.

The competitions will take place within one stage.

During the tournament 8 teams will be divided into two groups, 4 teams in each, where they will compete in all-play-all matches in a single round. Then the two teams who come 1st and 2nd in each group will form semi-final pairs (А1 – В2, В1 – А2), out of which the winners will compete in the final and the runners-up will play for 3rd and 4th place. The teams ranked 3rd and 4th places in groups will play for places 5 through 8.

Should any teams fail to arrive at the final tournament, the decision on the system under which it will be conducted shall be taken by CPR.

The teams’ places during the preliminary and final stages of the competition shall be defined subject to the largest sum of points scored in all matches of each particular stage of the tournament. A win shall score 3 points, a draw will be scored as 1 point and a loss will bring the team 0 points.

Should two or more teams be tied in one place, their position in the table shall be defined subject to the following parameters:

– highest number of wins in all matches;

– results of matches between each other (points, number of wins, difference of scored and missed goals, number of scored goals);

– best margin of scored and missed goals in all matches;

– highest number of scored goals in all matches;

– least points assigned to footballers for breaches (yellow card – 1 point, red card – 3 points).

Should all these parameters be equal – by draw.

During the tournament in case of draw in the semi-final, final, or matches for 5th-6th and 7th-8th places, the winner shall be defined by an 11-meter penalty shootout, performed in accordance with the FIFA rules immediately after the match.


The duration of matches at all stages of the Competition shall be 70 minutes (two halves, 35 minutes each).

All the footballers must play in shin guards which must look tidy. The footballer’s number on their T-shirt shall conform to the number under which this footballer is listed in the match report.

The team coaches shall 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the match enter surnames and names of footballers with indication of their numbers. The match report shall contain surnames and names of 18 footballers (11 regular and 7 reserve players) and 6 official team representatives. During each match a substitution of 7 footballers out of reserve players’ number entered in the match report shall be allowed. The team listed first in the calendar – a nominated host of the field, shall fill out the match report first.


Warm-up of reserve footballers shall only be allowed within the zone defined by the Match referee.

For participation of a footballer who was not entered in the application within the stipulated procedure, suspended or not entered in the match report, the team shall be deemed to have lost with 0-3 score and the opponent team shall be deemed to have won with 3-0 score. For any further violations of the Policy the team shall be removed from competition.

If the team which was removed (had withdrawn) from the Competition participated in less than 50% of matches, any match results where this team was involved shall be annulled. If a team participated in 50% or more matches and was removed or had withdrawn from the Competition, such team shall be deemed to have lost with 0-3 score and the opponent teams shall be deemed to have won with 3-0 score.

In case the outfit colours are the same, the right to choose shall be granted to the team named in the Tournament fixtures first. The team named in the Tournament fixtures second shall during the game take the substitutes’ bench located on the field half which is supervised by the first assistant referee of the match.

Prior to the beginning of each match the teams shall take a group photo of starting line-up. After the match termination the team coaches and the match referee shall in the course of 15 minutes draw up the match report.

Upon the match completion head coaches of the teams must participate in press conference. The footballers and team managers participating in the Tournament must observe the Laws of the Game and requirements of this Policy.




Group A Group B
А1 В1
А2 В2
А3 B3
А4 B4




Teams’ arrival
10:00 – 22:00 Team training sessions
20:00 Meeting with team representatives. Mandate Commission.


01/06/16 (Round 1)

10:00 no.1 А3-А4
11:30 no.2 B1- B2
13:00   Tournament opening ceremony
14:00 no.3 А1-А2
15:30 no.4 B3- B4
17:00 Meeting


02/06/16 (Round 2)

10:00 no.5 B2- B3
11:30 no.6 B4- B1
13:00 no.7 А2-А3
14:30 no.8 А4-А1
16:00 Meeting


03/06/16 (Round 3)

10:00 no.9 B1-B3
11:30 no.10 A2-A4
13:00 no.11 B2-B4
14:30 no.12 А1-А3
16:00 Meeting


04/06/16 (Day off)

10:00 – 22:00 Team training sessions, Excursions.



10:00 no.13 Match for 5th-8th places: А3-В4
11:30 no.14 Match for 5th-8th places: А4-В3
13:00 no.15 Semi-final: В1-А2
14:30 no.16 Semi-final: А1- В2
16:00 Meeting



13:30 no.17 Match for 7rd-8th: Runner-up (no.13) – Runner-up (no.14)
15:00 no.18 Match for 5rd-6th: Winner (no.13) – Winner (no.14)
16:30 no.19 Match for 3rd-4th places: Runner-up (no.15) – Runner-up (no.16)
18:00 no.20 Final: Winner (no.15) – Winner (no.16)
19:30 Tournament closing ceremony



Participants’ Departure:





The expenses related to the Competition shall be borne by the Organising Committee of the Competition.

Any expenses related to the Teams’ participation shall be borne by the Teams.

ANO FC Kaluga shall provide the following conditions for the tournament Participants:

  • accommodation and meals for the Tournament participants (not more than 20 people for each team);
  • provision of one massage room and one room for luggage storage at the location of the Tournament participants’ stay;
  • transport services for the Tournament participants for teams’ travel during the Tournament within the city of Kaluga (1 bus for each team);
  • laundry services for washing outfits used during the matches (T-shirts, shorts and stockings), together not more than 12 kg for each team after each match where the team participated;
  • provision of rooms to hold meetings (in accordance with approved schedule);
  • video recording of the Tournament matches and provision of filmed material to the Tournament participants on USB devices;
  • provision of balls for matches and training sessions.



ANO FC Kaluga shall provide the following conditions for the tournament referees and members of the Tournament CPR:


  • accommodation and meals for non-local referees and members of CPR;
  • local transport and transfer from place of residence/work to the Tournament venue and return for non-local referees and members of CPR, appointed by RIC of the RFU to work at the Tournament;
  • remuneration to referees and members of CPR, appointed by RIC KRFF to work at the Tournament;
  • video recording of the Tournament matches and provision of filmed material to the referees on USB devices;


Each association whose team is to participate in the Tournament shall at their own expense and by their own means cover all the expenses not foreseen in Article 9 of this Policy, including, but not limited to, the expenses for international flight of the team to the Tournament location and their return to the country of domicile.




The match refereeing shall be carried out in accordance with the Laws of the Game. The referees shall be appointed by CPR. The Match referee together with the team management shall be responsible for observance of the rules for admission of footballers to the game. The match referee undertakes to:

  • Inspect the football ground in advance and assess its quality and suitability for the match;
  • 1 hour prior to the match beginning to provide the teams’ representatives with the match report so that surnames and names of footballers with indication of their relevant numbers could be entered, as well as compare the colours of outfits of teams’ field players and goalkeepers to exclude their similarity.
  • Draw up the match report within 15 minutes after the match completion. Should any warnings, removals or footballers’ injuries take place during the match, as well as violations of public order at the stadium, the match referee shall make a detailed entry into the report before it is signed by representatives of the teams.

CPR shall consider formal protests (excluding protests concerning referee’s decision, taken at the field based on facts occurred during the match) filed only within 45 minutes after the match completion.

The protests shall only be reviewed if they were submitted in simple written form to CPR.

The managers and other official team representatives are forbidden to interfere with the match referees’ actions, and they shall be fully responsible for behaviour of footballers from their teams.

Any requests from the teams to replace a referee appointed to a match shall not be accepted.

The inspectors for the Tournament matches shall be appointed by RIC KRFF.

Rights and obligations of inspectors during the matches shall be stipulated by regulatory documents of KRFF.

ANO FC Kaluga shall ensure availability of any equipment required by Referee, Assistant Referee and Forth Official in order to fulfil their obligations during the Tournament.




The team which came first in the Tournament shall be granted a title of the “Winner of the First International Tournament “KALUGA JUNIOR CUP”, shall be presented with the Cup and each footballer of the team will be awarded with a medal. The team that won the 1st place in this tournament for next year – will participate for FREE. The teams which came 2nd and 3rd at the Tournament shall be granted with memorable prizes and footballers will be awarded with medals. Prizes shall be given to the following categories of the Tournament participants, defined by ANO FC Kaluga: “best player”, “best goal-scorer”, “best forward”, “best midfielder”, “best defender”, “best goalkeeper”.

ANO FC Kaluga shall be entitled to make a decision about granting any others (non-formal) team and individual prizes.

The team award ceremony shall be organised by ANO FC Kaluga.



The competition is to be held at the sports facilities included in the Russian register of sports facilities in accordance with the Federal law dated 4th December 2007 no.329-FZ “On Physical Culture and Sport in the Russian Federation”, meeting the requirements of the relevant normative legal acts applicable within the territory of the Russian Federation and aimed at ensuring public order and safety of participants and spectators, subject to sports facility readiness certificate for sporting events approved within the established procedure. The following shall be present at the sports facilities during training sessions and official matches:

  • two ambulances equipped with resuscitation equipment and appropriate medical staff;
  • a vehicle ensuring fire safety;
  • during the matches 4 nurses with a stretcher shall be placed in the near vicinity of touchline. The admission of spectators to the competition venue shall be done in advance on the basis of tickets and invitations. The time when the spectators shall be admitted to the stadium shall be determined by mutual decision of the Tournament facilitators, police, owner and (or) lessee of the stadium in question.



For any violations committed before, during and after the game, CPR applies the following disciplinary sanctions to the teams, players and officials:

  • warnings;
  • suspensions.

In the event of termination of the match due to unruly behaviour of players of one of teams, that team will be considered to have lost by default with 0:3 score, and the opponent team will be awarded the victory with 3:0 score. In case the goal difference is bigger the match result shall be deemed in force.

In case of participation of a footballer who was not entered in the application or suspended, the team shall be deemed to have lost by default with 0:3 score and the opponent team shall be deemed to have won with 3:0 score. If match is not finished due to the fault of both teams they shall be deemed to have lost by default with 0:3 score.

If a team wins by default (3:0) the goals scored by the footballers of this team in the match (matches) played, where the results have been subsequently annulled shall be taken into account in their personal record.

If a team loses by default (0:3) the goals scored by the footballers of this team in the match (matches) played, where the results have been subsequently annulled shall not be taken into account in their personal record.

The footballers shall be subject to suspension during the Tournament for breaches committed during the matches as follows:

  • for each three yellow cards (warnings) received in differed Tournament matches – suspension for one match;
  • for two yellow cards (warnings) received during one game – suspension for one match (no warnings received before shall be annulled);
  • for red card shown for depriving an opponent of obvious goal-scoring opportunity – suspension for one match;

With regard to all the disciplinary violations, including in case the player has been removed from the field due to any other reasons, the decision about disciplinary sanctions shall be made by CPR.



Participation in the Tournament shall only be possible subject to original life and health accident insurance contracts for each Tournament participant, which shall be submitted to CPR. The insurance coverage for the Tournament participants shall be made through means of sending organisations.


With regard to any issues not foreseen in this Policy, including force majeure circumstances, the decisions shall be made jointly by KRFF, ANO FC Kaluga and CPR. These decisions shall be deemed final and binding and shall not be subject to appeal.


Natalia Chyornaya

Marketing Department of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation Football Club Kaluga

+7 (4842) 403-613